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    Default question for general discussion regarding: bi-wiring

    Do you think those people that hear an audible difference from bi-wiring are really just hearing the difference from removing their low quality jumper and replacing it with an extra set of high quality wire?

    Discuss. :p

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    Not in my case (tho I think I 'bi-AMPed' - I'm still confused about difference as definitions vary), I didn't screw around with any wires, just:
    1. removed jumper bars on speakers
    2. used surround back channel terminals - to speakers' extra terminals.

    My sense is that this really only improves sound in certain situations (it did in mine - Onkyo 705 - RTi10's) YMMV.
    It's certainly a cheap easy upgrade, and if you don't like the results. just undo them.

    HOWEVER: IF you have the bucks and space - my sense from reading these boards - is that a dedicated amp is the way to go.

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