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    Default Any SVS SB12+ users here?

    Next upgrade will be the sub. Need to dump the psw10. Looking around I see that many of you recommend SVS. The SB12+ seems to be the size/price that Im looking for. Just wondering if there are any owners here and what your take on this sub is. I do not want a large ported monster sub in my living room. I do not have the back or the abdominal wall to lug one of those around.

    Uses will be music, movies and gaming. Down the road I plan on getting LSI 9s to complete the front sound stage.(Yes I will get a seperate amp). Also a friend of mine recommends Def Techs Supercube II. Anyone know how this stacks up againsts the SVS?


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    I don't have the SB12+ but do own the SVS PC Ultra Plus sub and simply LOVE this unit. I had limited floor space so the cylinder was the way to go. Awesome for music and movies. Their support is outstanding as well. Highly recommed SVS for the subs.

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    SVS will clown that Def tech all day while making silly faces. Go for the SVS, too bad you dont want any of the big boys( pb12+2 or NDS/2) being that they are on clearance. Other nice choices would be the new guys on the block: Epik and Elemental Design, both of these are excellent products at outstanding prices. SVS just does it looking good with those outstanding finishes.
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    SVS will clown that Def tech all day while making silly faces.
    haha, i was hoping to hear that. I wasn't completely sold on the Def Tech. I was also looking at the ED A-350, but its just too big for my taste.

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    I had the SB12 Plus before I sold it and got my current PC-Ultra 13. I was very happy with it. Just had a bad case of upgradeitis. I had the rosewood finish and it was beautiful to look at in addition to quite the performer. I would highly recommend it.
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    I have the SB12+ running in my 2 ch system, paired with my Magnepan 1.6QR's. Fast, musical sub that will dig surprisingly deep and loud for HT. It killed a Martin Logan Grotto in a direct comparison in my room. I would recommend it based on what you want.
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    I have the PC-Ultra myself..

    I highly recommend SVS..

    THier CS is top notch, and you will not find a better sub....IMO
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    Another SVS lover myself. We're using one of the bigger units, but if we ever buy another sub (in any size) it will be an SVS. Their stuff can't be beat. Also, be sure to check out B-Stock to give you even more bang for your buck. Enjoy!
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    How do the SVS's compare to Polk's. I am looking to replace a PSW650 due to steep roll off at low frequencies

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    the NDS/2 looks nice but i think a cylinder might be better suited for my room with limited room

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