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    Default Future Review: James EMB-1000 vs. Definitive Technology Supercube I

    Ok here's the deal, I got two pretty sweet deals on the James and Def Tech subs. The recent Best of 2007 issue of Absolute Sound says these two are some of the best in the $1000+ price range. This is of course debatable, but I figured I'd let these two guys duke it out with my Adagios as the referees.

    Basically what I am looking for is:

    The James EMB-1000.

    Def Tech Supercube I

    1. Which one blends better with my Adagios?
    2. Which one was easier to setup?
    3. How do the controls and features compare?
    4. Which one has the better GAF or WAF.
    5. Which is better for Music?
    6. Which is better for Movies and Gaming.

    I will be evaluating how tight and realistic the bass is. There will be no awards for boominess. I want a bass drum to sound like a bass drum. There will be no awards for bone-crushing ghetto boxes. Finally, the subwoofer needs to be invisible to the ear. I need to make sure that it draws as little attention to itself as possible while still hittin gthe low notes hard and accurate. This is a necessity as my girlfriend is presently in India and doesn't know I bought two subs. I'm hoping she won't noitce the new sub if she can't tell where it is coming from. :) (She hasn't notice my Rogue yet) Haha.

    Anyway, once all the reviews are complete, one of the subs needs to go. So, if anyone is interested, one of the subs will be available in a couple weeks or so.

    Anyway have any other recommendations as to how I should go about getting this review done? Anybody have some of their own questions that they may want answered regarding each sub?

    Let me know,


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