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    Default reciever for lsi

    I am looking for some help choosing reciever for my lsi15 fronts and lsic with fx3 rears with plans to change to lsifx. I am now using denon 3805 but looking to go hdmi. I am wanting to spend between $900 and $1500. should i stick with denon or change to another brand. I am new to this forum and any help or guidance would be apreciated.

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    If you like the Denon, go 3808.

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    I would stick with the Denon and recomend the 3808 as well, however, do you have an amplifier yet? If so you could also use the Pro Onkyo 885. It's a bit above your budget at $1650. If you do not have an amplifier you could also use a Denon 988 and get an amplifier. This would give you better sound from those LSi15s.

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