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    Cool Biamp Rotel 1075 on Lsi15's for Rotel 1095 like performace?

    I posted this in the speakers forum by accident I think it belongs in elcetronics....if anybody has some words of help that'd be great thanks...

    I plan on going to listen to some amps at the store.
    I have Lsi15's on the way but they don't have them at the stereo store I am going to. (I hope they don't get shipping damage by DHL from Frys).

    Anyway I was hoping they would let me check out a Rotel 1075 and 1095 with my speakers at my house for a couple of hours but I seriously doubt it.

    Question: For 2 channel, can I take the 1075 (120 wpc @ 8 ohms x 5) and take two channels and dedicate them to one speaker via biamping and get close to the performance of the 1095 (200 wpc @ 8 ohms x 5) ??

    I will get a matching prepro for the amp and was hoping to save the $1000 diff in the 1075 and 1095 to go toward that. I understand from a previous post that the biamp on the LSi 15's only separates the tweeter. True?

    I don't really know what bridging is but can you bridge a 5 ch amp to put more power to one channel?

    I watch a movie at home once in a blue moon and when I do I could just reconnect for 5.1. A pain probably but I'm blamestorming to come up w/ ideas to save $$.

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    The 1075 is 200wpc @4ohm. Is that not enough? You can always bi-amp it if you want to get a little bit more out of the amp. I think it's only a little bit more because the Lsi were always classified as "power hungry". I fou bi-amp, the tweeter is receiving A LOT or power but that not where it's power hungry. So to anwer your question, 4 channels bi-amp to the Lsi does not equal to 2 channels of the 1095.

    I have the feeling you may be satisfy with the 200wpc unless you feel that you have to have more than 200wpc for your Lsi.
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    The RMB1095 also sounds better then the RMB1075. It has a cleaner and deeper sound. It's also has a quieter background. It plays 4 ohm speakers more effortless.

    Buy the 1095 , it's the way to go.

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    Agree with Dan. Just keep saving money until you have enough to get the 1095. The amps aren't going anywhere. And don't be afraid to buy used on Audiogon.

    I stalked Audiogon for over a year waiting to get my prepro at a price I was willing to pay.
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    Wait, save and get the best 2 channel amp you can if 2-channel listening is your primary goal. Bridging amps adds distortion. Passive bi-amping does not yield as much perfomance gains unless you go to active bi-ampsing, which is adding an outboard crossover.

    If you really want to go the distance, get a 1090 used on the Gon (380w/8 ohm) and you will not be want for more.
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