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    Default SR124 DVC Enclosure

    Hello Polk Audio Team

    I recently download a software to design my enclosure, this is for one Polk Audio SR 124 DVC Subwoofer

    all the walls are made of 3/4 MDF, and the front one is 3/4 + 1/2 MDF

    height: 370 mm
    Long: 780mm
    deep: 246mm

    for a total of (46.440 Liters) - (the little reinforcement)

    the Recomended eclosure is 46.439 Liters

    Any recomendation?
    is my design ok?
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    I'm sure you'll want someone at Polk to chime in, and I'm sure they will (if for some reason they dont, call there Customer Service, they'll take care of you right quick.

    The displacement seems right in theory, I'm sure these drivers were designed to work in relativly small enclosures, since they are actually meant to be small enough to be able to fit in a wall or floorboard (the enclosure, as well as the driver)

    saw these at the last polkfest, and the displacement you list sounds about was in Ted's wall.

    Like I said, calling Customer Service if they dont chime in here will be a good quick way to double check


    never mind, I thought this was the home driver, not the car driver. either way Car drivers are meant to work in small enclosures as well, so it looks like it should be fine, but call cust service anyway to be sure
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    I'm sure that would be fine for a car audio box. I think going 1 1/4 thick on the front is a bit excessive for that that subwoofer, but if you want to go the extra mile for it then go for it.

    If it was me, I'd save the aggrivation and just do the 3/4 front, you won't notice the difference with a single sub.

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