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    Default Memphis Audio & AudioControl

    I have 2 sets of speakers I need to move. Before I go to the Bay or CL I thought I'd list here first. Both sets are practically new, still in the box with all the original stuff that they are shipped with.

    #1. Memphis Audio 15-MSQ6 Components.
    6 1/2" Comps SOLD

    #2. Memphis Audio 15-MSYNC5 Coaxials.
    5 1/4" Coaxials with directional tweets $125 shipped

    These are both Memphis Audio's "M" Class series units.

    #3. A pair of AudioControl EQT's.
    30 Band EQ's. One for right channel & one for left channel $150 Shipped

    Reason for selling:
    I decided to run the front stage only so the 5 1/4" were removed from the rear doors after 2 weeks. I stepped up to the HERTZ comps because I could #1. afford them & #2. I liked the way they sounded. (More to my listening requirements) The EQT's were removed when I stepped up to the PRS880. This HU has its own 16 band EQ for both right and left.
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    Prices lowered.....offers accepted....considered

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    bumpity bump

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