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    Default A few SDA 1 questions

    I have a pair of very early sda 1's 1983 date on drivers all original as it seems that they were in storage for a long time...tweeters domes are still nice and clear....i enjoy them as they are, and yes i have read countless pages about upgrading, and its in the future as i realize at least the crossovers can suffer some sound loss with long age.. and am sorry i missed on on the SDA Bible part deux... i see that some are using sda's as a front main, what would be a good choice in a center channel...i was given a csi400 in great shape..but have yet to hook it a crossroads with bits and pieces given to me and picked up...power now is a denon 3808....thanks guys i again am wading in unfamiliar waters when it comes to Polk audio and from what i have read here this is the place to pick brains as it seems alot of opinions differ and thats great to read both sides....thanks

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    Polk suggests that the CSi5 is the best match for SDAs.

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    The CSi5 and the CSi40 are similar in specifications.

    I believe the CSi40 is the replacement for the CSi400.

    Although I am not sure they would be timbre match to the SDA's.
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