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    Default Happy Happy: RTI4s and PSW303

    Just a follow up from a very pleased Polk owner.

    I'm just kickin' back on a mild Saturday with a cold beer, listening to some smooth jazz over the digital cable (Marcus Johnson, Denny Jiosa, etc) and can't help but grin with my admittedly modest but great sounding setup:
    RTI4s with a PSW303 connected to an Adcom GFP-555 and Carver M-1.0t.

    After some fiddling and tweaking with speaker placement, toe-in, and subwoofer xover and volume, I'm just grinning at the, spacious, clear, detailed - for the money.... love it!

    I'm playing all sorts of program material and if there is anything negative to say is that my setup will brutally reveal bad program source - the old adage - garbage in = garbage out is true. But give the setup some nice clean source to play and it is sweet: from rock, bluegrass, jazz, even Christmas Music.

    Happy Happy - Joy Joy,

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    Spokane, Washington


    congrats on your system, sounds like a pretty good saturday afternoon to me. Good work on going with the separates. :)


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    'Bubba' land


    Welcome to the forum.
    I still can't get over the sound quality I'm getting out my rig in stereo-I got xm radio via Directv and until I picked up the T90's I never realized how good the sound was on only an analog signal:-)
    Polk RULES! end of discussion!
    I refuse to argue with idiots, because people can't tell the DIFFERENCE!

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    That's freaking awesome Erik! :D

    If you get some time, post your thoughts on the performance of those loudspeakers, in the product pages of the homepage. That's a great set of comments.

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    Default your review

    Glad to hear you are diggin your new Polks...!

    Welcome to the Forum..

    Stick around for a while...great bunch of misfits around here
    Cary SLP-98L F1 DC Pre Amp (Jag Blue)
    Parasound HCA-3500
    Cary Audio V12 amp (Jag Red)
    Polk Audio Xm Reciever (Autographed by THE MAN Himself)
    Magnum Dynalab MD-102 Analog Tuna
    Jolida JD-100 CDP
    Polk Audio LSi9 Speaks (ebony)
    SVS PC-Ultra Sub
    AQ Bedrock Speaker Cables (Bi-Wired)
    MIT Shotgun S1 I/C`s
    AQ Black Thunder Sub Cables
    PS Audio Plus Power Cords
    Magnum Dynalab ST-2 FM Antenna
    Sanus Cherry wood Speak Stands
    Adona AV45CS3 / 3 Tier Rack (Black /Gold)

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    The PSW303 was the first sub i had... still gotta love it for the size! the 8'' woofer was quick!

    Welcome to the club!
    Terps Swimming!
    HT Setup
    TV: Vizio VX32L
    Reciever: Pioneer VSX-D914
    HD-DVD Player: Toshiba HD-A2
    Fronts: Polk R50s
    Surounds: Polk R30s
    Center: Polk R20's
    Subwoofer: SVS 20-39PCi

    2CH Setup
    Integrated: Onix SP3 Tube
    CD Player: Sony CDP-CX355
    Speakers: Onix Strata Mini in PR Finish
    Signal Cable: Classic Speaker, Analog 1 IC

    Grado SR 60, Bang & Olufsen A8, Shure e3

    Other Stuff in Use
    Onix xls, Dual Onix x-subs, Onix Ref .5, Dahlquist M903, Teac A-1D, Marantz 1060

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