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    Default Subwoofer connection

    Please delete as this has been reposted in the Subwoofer Hookup section.

    After hooking up the following and now reading the various manuals of each, I have some quick questions regarding the proper subwoofer connection. I used a subwoofer RCA connection for the sub to the receiver already.

    RM10 5 pack speakers
    PSW303 subwoofer
    Onkyo TX-SR505 receiver

    Now, the sub manual recommends for hook up, and it specifically states especially when using any of the Polk Audio RM series speakers, the best connection is to run speaker wire from the front channel outputs from the receiver to the sub's speaker inputs and to run the front channel speakers to the sub's speaker outputs. Let's call this Method 1.

    The sub's manual also states that when connecting via the sub out connection on the reciever using a single RCA cable that this connection bypasses the sub's variable low pass filter. It does NOT recommend this method when using sub/satellite systems. Let's call this Method 2.

    So, after reading this I concluded that I have, perhaps, not connected the sub 'optimally' as I used Method 2........until I read this in the Onkyo's manual. *Note that this is covered in the First Time Setup section under how to setup using the Automatic Speaker Setup (Audyssey 2EQ) which uses a speaker setup microphone.

    Using a Powered Subwoofer
    "If you're using a powered subwoofer" goes on and talks about increasing the sub's volume if it can't detect the sub during the auto setup......"If the subwoofer has a low-pass filter switch, set it to Off or Direct."

    I'm going for 'optimal' sound with what I have, so my questions are:

    1. Should I follow Polk's suggestion and run the front channels into the sub and use the sub's built in variable low pass filter, Method 1?

    2. Do you think the Onkyo manual states to bypass the variable low pass filter ONLY when using the auto setup and the mike is unable to detect the sub?

    3. If using the RCA connection to the sub, Method 2, do I use the Y splitter or not? The sub says to refer to the receiver manual to determine if the source is filtered or unfiltered, but the Onkyo manual does not state either.

    Any suggestions or guidance is greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBoyNC View Post
    Please delete as this has been reposted in the Subwoofer Hookup section.
    Please grant his wish.

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