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    Question (Long and drawn-out) Crossover question...

    I upgraded from db6750's to MMC6500's about a year ago and the difference amazed me. I thought the db's were great but the momo's were a huge step up.

    Just recently my right component set has been cutting out randomly so I pulled the crossovers out of the dash and noticed that if I held the right crossover in my hands and twisted it the speakers perked right up! Investigating further, I found the specific electrical component on the crossover PC board which must be loose, cuz I could wiggle it to get sound out of the right channel. Also, I noticed that the PC board has "MMC5250" stamped on it!

    This makes me wonder a few things:

    1) Did the wrong crossovers get packaged with my MMC6500's?
    2) If they are the wrong crossovers, have I been overpowering them with 100Wrms from my JL 500/5?
    3) Rather than send them in for exchange/repair, I could just resolder the inductor/capacitor/whatever it is. Has anybody ever removed a crossover PC board from the housing?

    Thanks in advance...

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    I think both the MMC5250 and MMC6500 utilize the same crossover (they both crossover at 2.6kHz 2nd order High & Low Pass). They are both essentially the exact same components, the difference being the size of the driver 5.25" and 6.5", respectively. Both components can handle a decent amount of power... 100 watts for either of them wouldn't be overpowering them.

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    Actually the 5250 is cut off at 2.75 KHz while the 6500 is 2.6. Both are at 12 db octave slopes. Thats splitting hairs tho - wont make a difference.

    If you bought them thru an authorized dealer and not Ebay, contact Polk customer service. Id be willing to bet theyd have a new crossover out to you in no time.
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    I had a crossover on a set of SR5250's defective out of the box and Polk sent me a new one ASAP. Great customer service.

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