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    Default Please Help...Noise from front speakers.

    Hi All

    Please help

    In my car i have polk audio rear speakers and front speakers i have put boston components. recently i connected audison 5 channel amp. I have not connected sub woofer yet.

    When I start my engine i get this sparking noise from my front speakers.
    I tried connecting noise filters but it didn't help

    When i switch on the AC the noise increases.
    When i use the horn then the noise power also increases.
    When i remove the antena connection the noise reduces but it does not stop it is still present.

    Also i read in one of the posts

    "check and make sure your remote wire is not pinched. i had the damndest time figuring out the remote wire will cause noise if the insulation is rubbed thin in a spot"

    Can anyone please explain what this means.

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    What type of automobile do you have? Sounds like you have some grounding problems. When you removed the antenna you actually removed a ground source from the head unit. Make sure your amplifier is grounded properly. Use a nut and bolt and make sure to grind all the paint off. Also check your head units ground sounds like there might be a problem there. I ran a 1/0 ground from my battery to my frame then ran a 1/0 ground from the frame to my amps. I have done this on my past three trucks and have never had a noise problem. Audison amps are usually clean and I have never had noise an issue with these amplifiers. Sounds like a install issue.

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