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    Default Wall Plates? Yea or Nay...

    Due to wacky physical setup* I've been (constantly/obsessively?) moving my speakers about*. So I'm considering installing wall plates for the speaker wires. (That way, I can just add needed length as I move about).

    1. Do you think Wall plates will degrade sound much?

    2. any advice on which to buy, and where?

    *I have a really HORRIBLE physical setup including such lovelies as: Cathedral ceilings, L-shaped room couch against exterior wall outside corner, with setup inner wall corner, no carpets (I do my exercises in this area). need I go on...

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    There are some very good quality wall plates, I wouldn't worry too much about it. I used them years ago in my first home. I had them turn the coat closet into my stereo rack area (it was in the family room) and then did in wall speaker wire to gold plated plates on either side of the big screen. It worked out real nice.

    The more critical thing would be what wire you are going to use in-wall to the plates, and then on to the speakers...

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    Thanks, steveinaz - will look around for the plates (will probably just get from monoprice).

    The runs to the wall are all 14 guage basic CL2 Monster (only brand available at local store when I first setup).. have some left over for runs from wall to speakers. (over time have tried a variety to front and centers can't say I've noticed any difference.)

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