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    Default Esoteric CD/SACD players...

    Just tossing this out there for feedback. Any opinions on Esoteric in general as a company? Does anyone here own any of their players, & if so which one & your comments.

    Two players come to find, the SA-60 (approx. 4k) & X-03SE (approx. 7k). Both these players seem to highlight their mortal priced players. Some of their other models are ultra expensive to say the least.

    Just food for thought...

    Any other ones to take a look at?
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    The transport on those models, in varying design, are phenomenal. Bulletproof construction. Playback is just as expected, excellent but I didn't didn't notice micro-dynamics or any other BS adjectives when listening to it.

    The X series reminded me of my previous Cary 306 SACD, since that's the benchmark for my head. I may do another expensive CDP again, since it's fun, but I've heard 7-8 and they all sound the same. It's very hard to come to a definitive conclusion without them all being in the same setting. I thought my Cary sounded better than F1Nut's Tri-Vista but we never did a H2H. I've heard his rig and it's absolutely unreal, so there you go. The next Polkfest will have a few ultra-high end players on site so maybe we can try something there.

    If you're not that interested in SACD, look at the older X series since they retain alot of the characteristics and construction of the newer models.
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    Don't know anything about Esoteric CD/SACD player, but I am impressed with Cary 306 SACD player that you might want to research on.

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    I'm auditioning the Raysonic CD 168 and then I'm going to check out the Esoteric SA60. If this Raysonic is what it sounds like at the store I may just go with it and put a tube buffer on the OPPO's analog outs for use as SACD and DVD-A. That gives me the heebee jeebees though.

    I don't know, I want to do it right so I'm thinking more along the lines of the kW SACD/CD player as I've heard it and it is friggin awesome or the Esoteric CD 60.

    Sorry I couldn't give you any advice however you know the direction I am taking.

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    If your going Esoteric then the XO-3 is your ticket Phil, I would take that one for the transport, I dont believe the 60 is identical. If you want a tubed player then the MF Kw or the Cary. Some others are the Arye, the Bel Canto and Wadia, never heard a Dcs but I have read they are pretty nice, pretty costly gear no matter which one you would get. I really do not buy into one sounding better than another. Afterall, each company is known for building quality gear. More like a preference for looks and system synergy.

    At some point for guys like me, music lovers, it gets to be about the music and not the gear. Enjoy the hunt.

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