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Thread: PSW 404 setup

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    Default PSW 404 setup

    After looking through about 20 of the 1200 posts, I have found a lot of good advice. A few problems remain. I have just received a psw 404 to go with a 7.1 rm system that I have been piecing together. The room its in is open to the kitchen so total room dimensions are 15x25x9. The receiver is a sony str-dg800 and as far as I can tell it has a sub filter, so I have connected the sub out to the LFE connection. The receiver has a +/- option up to 10 dB gain. I have it set at +2, but for some reason i can barely hear the sub unless its at 3 o'clock or further, or I turn the reciever volume way up to where its uncomfortable to watch tv. Am I missing something? The sub settings are at 125 on the crossover, and 0 degrees on the phase. One other item to mention is that the sub is in a corner, and if possible dont want to move it to the other side of the TV.


    After posting this message, I hooked the sub up via "method 1" per the instructions, and its slightly better, but still seems extremely quiet for the volume level im at regardles of what im listening to.
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Now for some questions.
    1. What kind of speakers are they-i.e. flr. standing, bookshelves, satelites?
    2. How do you have them set up in the rcvr.'s 'menu', 'large' or 'small'
    3. What is your volume gain per channel on the rcvr?

    Please get back with list of all equipt. involved

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    Default Equipment

    I currently have 2 RM 101's sattelites and a RM 202 center hooked up to it. The sub is switched off on the receiver, and the speakers are set too large with the sub connected via speaker cables in parallel (Polk method 1). I will eventually set up the system with two RM 201's in the front with the 202 center, and 4 RM 101's in the back for a 7.1 setup. But for some reason I can barely hear the sub untill the volume is really high, or the gain is set almost all the way up. For some reason, the same place you change the gain on the sub (on the receiver), doesnt have an option for the fronts, just small or large.

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    I recomend the old fasion way. Hook sub up to LFE (sub out) from reciever. Set all speakers to small and xover at 120hz.

    You have your sattelites and center hooked to the sub?? Or did I misunderstand you?

    Polk's advice is to run speaker wire from left and right front channel to left and right input on sub and set left and right front to large. Hook left and right front speakers to sub. Set sub to "off" or "none" on reciever.

    This can get very messy.

    Doing it Polk's way, the only way to callibrate the sub would be to adjust the volume knob on the sub itself. Channel level would be obsolete. By hooking the sub to the LFE channel out from the reciever, then turning the xover on the sub all the way up and volume level about half way, you are able to adjust everything else from reciever.

    Just do it the old fasion way and you will be fine.
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