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    Santa Claus delivered a PSW10 to compliment my Monitor 50's.
    I have an old Luxman R115 70 watts per channel I think as I can not locate my manual. Does the Luxman have a Sub Out on the back?
    The entertainment system is to heavy to move myself.
    How do the new Onkyo Home theater (TXSR 505, 605) systems compare to the old stuff I have?

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    The R115 doesn't have a sub-out, but it does have a set of preouts, which you can run to your subwoofer if you don't want to use a high (speaker) level connection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick5 View Post
    How do the new Onkyo Home theater (TXSR 505, 605) systems compare to the old stuff I have?
    If you plan on just running 2 speakers (or two with your subwoofer now) - keep what you have, it will blow away most common AVR's now (lets say most AVR's under $1,000). If you want to try surround sound - you really will have to upgrade as yours does not support that feature.

    You certainly get more bells and whistles with even the cheapest AVR now compared to what you have, but for 2 channel listening, I do not think sound quality will improve over what you have without spending some significant cash.

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