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    Default Problems with music but not with movies

    Hi all,
    I wanted to describe a problem that I see with my current setup in which I notice that if I play a music CD the sound is to put it polite, not very pleasant.
    However when I hear the music in a movie while I am watching the movie, the sound is all I am hoping it would be.

    my setup is display in my signature, but a bit more info is that my dvd player is connected to my tv via hdmi and connected to my stereo via single digital coaxial cable (orange end).

    There is no more cables going or comming to my stereo.
    Question: what can you all sugest I do to be able to play music cd's as well as movies and get the same sound.

    I did hear that the digital coaxial will only produce digital sound which means that a regular cd will not generate the sound expected because the signal is not digital... I am hoping I am making sense...

    In a nother Note I want to wish everyone a happy New Year.
    Current HT setup
    Mains: B&W 804s
    Center: Polk CSi5
    Surround: Polk FXi3
    Sub: Velodyne DLS-3750R
    Receiver: Pioneer SC-07
    Amplifier: Sunfire TGA5200
    TV: Sony KDS60A2020
    DBP: Sony DBP-S350
    CDP: Pioneer DV-48AV
    Interconnect cables: SignalCable analog II
    speaker cables: SignalCable Ultra Speaker Cables Bi-wire

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    When playing your CD's , what does your AVR read? Pllx, Stereo, Etc... Try to change the surround formats.
    Monitor 7b's front
    Monitor 4's surround
    Frankinpolk Center (2 mw6503's with peerless tweeter)
    M10's back surround
    Hafler-200 driving patio Daytons
    Tempest-X 15" DIY sub w/ Rythmik 350A plate amp
    Dayton 12" DVC w/ Rythmik 350a plate amp
    Harman/Kardon AVR-635
    Oppo 981hd
    Denon upconvert DVD player
    Jennings Research (vintage and rare)
    Mit RPTV WS-55513
    Tosh HD-XA1
    B&K AV5000

    Dont BAN me Bro!!!!

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    Another thing you can try is hook your DVD player to your AVR with standard RCA cables. (and put them on a different input in your AVR. When you select DVD it gets sound from coax digital, when you select CD it gets sound from RCA analog cables)

    Other than that - get a better CD player. The RTi6 is actually a pretty musical little speaker. Personally I really like the sound of it.

    Mains.............Polk LSi15 (Cherry)
    Center............Polk LSiC (Crossover upgraded)
    Surrounds.......Polk LSi7 (Gloss Black - wood sides removed and crossovers upgraded)
    Subwoofers.....SVS 25-31 CS+ and PC+ (both 20hz tune)
    Pre\Pro...........NAD T163 (Modded with LM4562 opamps)
    Amplifier.........Cinepro 3k6 (6-channel, 500wpc@4ohms)

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    i agree with McLoki, use standard RCA cables from you player to your receiver.

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    I have a similar issue with my RTi-10s, music in a movie sounds great but when using my CD player it's not as good. Right now I am using an old Yamaha CD player with Audioquest Sidwinders, only analog outs on the Yamaha. I want a new CD player but can't get one approved by the CFO right now:).

    I tried using the DVD to play CDs via the digital output and it did not sound much better than the Yamaha. Think I will try using the analog outs of the DVD player to see if that sounds better.

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