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    Default High-pitched whine coming from my subwoofer

    Cross-posted fromt he subwoofer forum...

    In the last week I've noticed a high-pitched whine coming from the's pretty loud and very annoying. As soon as I power off the sub it goes away and once I power it back on it seems to take a bit for it to start up (maybe 30 seconds).

    Any guesses what it might be?

    I have a DSW Pro400 (about 2 months old) connected to an Onkyo 705 with a 16' monster subwoofer cable. I get the noise whether or not the sub is connected to the just has to be powered on.


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    Have you tried using a cheater plug? somethimes those help - could be a grounding problem with the outlet or electrical interference with something else being used along that electrical path.


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    The mouse needs cheese.
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    Haha. For the Polk service guys.....

    This was originally a double post.
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