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    Default W205 + H701 + iPod....Sound from CD's but not from iPod?? Help please!

    -I've just installed a W205 + H701 combo and I have my iPod connected to the W205
    -The W205 recognizes the iPod just fine and I can navigate through my songs, etc.
    -I can put in a CD and the sound works fine. However, when I swap the source to iPod the sound stops.

    I'm kind of stumped....I know the optical cable is fine because sound works with CD's. I know the iPod cable works fine because I can navigate around in my iPod from the W205.

    I'm thinking this is some type of settings issue....if anyone can help I'd REALLY appreciate it!!

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    It could be the ipod cable, maybe the audio lines are not functioning? I have had it were I was missing the left channel until I unplugged my ipod and plugged it back in. Also on a W205. Also, the ipod is an analog source (or I should say, depending on how alpine implemet the ipod control), and I'm not sure the W205 has a ADC so maybe it cannot convert analog to digital to transmit over the fiber channel to your 701??? So you may need analog cables as well as fiber.

    I'd call Alpine


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    Thanks for the help. I called Alpine tech support and the guy I spoke to said all the analog sound was carried through the Ai-Net cable while the optical cable carried the digital signals. So that let me know that I didn't have to go back and add RCA cables to handle iPod audio. Also, since I didn't have FM sound or iPod sound, that meant there was something up with the Ai-Net cable. I went back and checked it out and I had plugged it into the wrong Ai-Net outlet on the H701 (the one labeled "cd changer").

    Problem solved :)

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