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    Default Monitor 50 - trouble with hooking up wires ???

    Well.. i tried hooking up the speakers to my reciever.. and i just dont get it.. it seems to produce either sounds from just the treble speakers or just the bass speakers or a mix of one treble and one bass depending on how i wire it but it seems no matter what way i do it i cant get both the bass and treble on both speakers ( the right way)

    i dont know if i remember ever seeing those two wire outputs on each speaker.. i thought in the past i only saw one and i think thats why its not working correctly because i only have inputs for two on each speaker.. otherwise itd have to be hooked up to my (B) speaker inputs rather than (A) and it seems to only work correctly using one or the other, not both.. so yeah i dunno if anyone else ran into this problem or if its just me and i dont know if you even understand what im saying but im trying.. haha.. hopefully someone can help me out. thank you.

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    ummm. sounds like you are missing the metal jumpers that go between the upper and lower speaker terminals on your speakers.

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    Hello Stringz,
    DB is on to something, those speakers can be bi-wired or bi-amped. But if you're not doing that you would want to use a short piece of speaker wire to connect the upper and lower binding posts together. Or, you could go ahead and bi-wire the speakers and make a modest improvement to mid range clarity? Either way will get all of the speaker working fine.

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    You should look in the box for the jumpers that are inserted between the binding posts. They will be a shiny brass color. If you cannot find them...
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    In regards to bi-wiring, don't spend money on something you don't need right now.

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    thanks a lot guys, i used the jumper and it works fine :)

    your replies were all very appreciated!

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