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    Default no power to sub so replaced the fuse and the fuse kept on blowing?????

    My psw 140 sub hasn't been working for a while and I haven't had time to look into to it. Well I called polk tech support and they recommended that I take apart the sub and check the fuse. Well I did and to my surprise the fuse was blown. So I thought today was my lucky day and all I had to do is buy a new fuse and replace the bad one and I was going to have my sub back. Well I did just that and as soon as I plugged my sub in the fuse blew. So I did it again and same thing the fuse blew so I tried one more time and again for the 3rd time the fuse blew just after replacing it and plugging it into the wall. I even tried plugging it in to my surge protector and another blown fuse???? Any help with be greatly appreciated as I hope that it's something simple. Thanks

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    Repost under 'trouble shooting', more than likely, you'll have to call Polk c.s., and they'll tell ya the shipping instructions, etc.
    I had the same thing happen w/ psw303, but the local Tweeter I bought it at just swapped it out because it was discontinued.
    Good luck, and welcome to the forum

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    Thank you for your help I really appreciate it

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