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    Default Amp setting help!!

    In my car I have 2 kenwood kac-9103d 1800 watt amps both with a alpine SWR-1242D running to them. What should i set the levels to on my amps to get the best performance? The amps have the following level controls

    Bass Boost Level (dB) - 0-18
    LPF Frequency (Hz) - 50-200
    Input Sensitivity (V) - 5(min) - 0.2(max)
    ISF (Infrasonic Filter) switch - Off-15Hz-25Hz
    Phase switch - 0 - 180

    Please anyone know what i should set them to?

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    Set the subsonic to 25, try 15 later if you are missing some lows.
    Leave the bass boost off.
    Set the LPF to about 70Hz.
    Turn your radio up to about 3/4 volume or if you are runing your other speakers off the radio, turn it up until they distort and then back off a little.,
    then adjust the gains on the amps until the sub starts to distort and then back off a little. Repeat for other sub amp. If you are using an amp for your mids/highs then adjust it first. Listen to the system a while and try changing the phase on the sub amps, both at the same time and see if it sounds better. Lastly you can change the Low Pass filters a little to see if you can blend the subs in with the front speakers.

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    its hard to hear distortion in a sub... thats why they can be run off a class D amp.... just put it how u like it to sound.... and make sure that turning the volume up absolutly as high as u listen to it doesnt cause it to clip... u will know when it does if it is going BOOMBOOMBOOMBOBOOBBMOBMOBMOBMBOBOMBM really fast
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