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    Exclamation to much air space?

    I have a 2001 quad cab 4x4 ram. i bought 2 polk dx10's both 4 ohms. i look every where for a box and came across a mtx thunderform. The subs fit perfectly but its 1.75 cu. ft of air space. i sold my mtx 500d cause i needed the cash so i'm running each sub bridged off a 400a4. i was supprised. it sounds damn good but is it to much air space?

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    The biggest concern with using a box this big is the cone displacement of the woofer. The recommended sealed volume for
    2 dx10's is 1.0 cubic feet. The cone displacement is measured in millimeters at a specified wattage and frequency. With 500 Watts
    of power driving these subs in a 1.0 cubic feet sealed enclosure, the cone displcement will measure 8.25 mm which is well within this woofers' excursion limitations. When you install them into too large of an enclosure, such as 1.75 cubic feet sealed for both woofers, the cone displacement will exceed the limits of the suspension. The cone displacement will now measure 11 mm
    with the same amount of power applied to the woofers.
    The end result would be when played too loud in too large of a enclosure, you will wind up with a woofer that now has a damaged suspension, ie; spider and or surround, or both.
    Plus there is a efficiency reduction when the woofers are not installed into the proper sized enclosures. My advice would be to reduce the internal volume of your enclosure. Hope this helps.

    Happy Bassing!!
    Kim, Polk Audio

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