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    Default Monitor 10 fasteners

    How do I remove..and replace the post like fasteners that holds the speaker bezel/cover (??) 3 of the 4 are broken.
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    If you are referring to the plastic ball and socket fasteners that hold the grill on, they are called grill "headlock fasteners" and they can be removed be drilling them out with a slightly undersized drill bit and carefully extacting by prying out what remains with a small screwdriver. My Monitor 10's appear to have thru holes for the fasteners that are sealed with cabinet glue on the back side, so if you drill thru the cabinet when removing the old ones be sure to seal the backside of the hole after re-installing new ones with RTV or hot melt, etc. I would try hard not to drill thru the baffle when extracting the old ones.

    The grill headlocks on my monitor 10b's are slightly smaller than the generic kind, they are also slightly smaller than on my RTA12C's (which are the same size as the generic kind). sells the std size headlocks, as well as madisound and I'm sure others. One of the experts on this site may know if Polk still sells the fasteners for the Monitor 10.

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    Polk still does sell them.
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    Try digi-key as well. This is a standard part in speaker building.

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    Get the correct ones from Polk Audio.

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    I bet they are cheaper from Polk than digi key too.

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