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    Default audio delay in receivers


    I notice i get some serious delay some of the time. I know some cable channels cause this more than others. But I was curious how much of this is caused by my receiver.

    Even on HDMI out of the blu ray there is a delay between the TV audio and the HT speakers. It is slight, sounds like an echo..when I turn off the TV sound the lip synch is un noticeable, but I know it is slight...was just curious if better receivers resolve this better. I know newer tvs have a lip synch function if using HDMI, but my current TV does not.

    My receiver right now is a onkyo705

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    If you hook your cable box audio through your receiver first, and not directly to the tv that will probably fix it.

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    long story short, my hdmi on my tv I have component video and audio going from cable and dvd player into TV. I have hdmi 1.3 from cable and dvd to receiver. I can play tv with sound without the HT. but when I want HT I have full 1.3hdmi audio..

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