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    Question Subs: PSW303 vs. PSW110

    Hey guys--

    I'm putting together a starter Polk system and I'm looking at these 2 subs, which are about the same price range and look similar spec-wise. I believe the PSW303 is a newer model, and I haven't seen it in stores yet. I'm wondering are these 2 models similar in performance? If so I'm leaning towards the 110 because it looks more attractive.

    For reference, here's what I'm thinking for the other components:

    RTi8 (x2)
    RTi4 (x2)

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    The 110 is the newer model, replacing the PSW10. The 303 is NEAT subwoofer, in a hella small package. The setup you listed is a great rig, but the 110 (or the 303) will add little in extension to the bottom end, moreso emphasis.

    What's the budget you are working with? I'd be inclined to start at dual PSW110's or PSW125's, or even a single DSW PRO 400/500.

    Welcome to the boards and thanks for choosing Polk Audio!

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    I used to have the PSW303, and I was disappointed with its performance. I guess if you had the smallest of small rooms, it may work just fine. Instead, I replaced it with a Bic H-100, and it was a HUGE improvement. I love mine, but I'm already itching to upgrade to a better sub. I wouldn't limit your choices to only Polk subs. If your budget allows, there are plenty of good non-Polk subs out there, such as SVS, Hsu, eD, and AV123.
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    Thanks for the info, guys. You addressed my main concern -- that either choice may be underpowered. My budget is flexible, and I can definitely save up for a couple of months if need be. Ideally it's around the $300 mark.

    The other thing to point out is the $200 coupon towards any Polk sub when you spend $500 on Polk speakers. It would be nice to take advantage of that, but I suppose I am open to other manufacturers. And I would rather have 1 sub instead of dual-subs... so perhaps I should be looking at the DSW PRO's.

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    I am a current owner of a PSW303 and am quite happy with it.

    My application is in a family room with hardwood floors, a couple of couches, mostly bare walls, a big area rug - I guess overall a 'bright' room.

    My setup is RTI4s all around for fronts and rears, a CSI3 center and the PSW303.

    For my room - the volume I have set on the PSW303 is about 1/2 of full.

    I have my RTI4s and PSW303 hooked up the Polk Way and the AVR is set to NO sub and Large Fronts.

    Now - I don't try to simulate a Who concert, but I sometimes go loud - just this weekend I put in LOTR - Fellowship and cranked the Hell out of the Balrog scene on the Bridge of Khazad-dum - WOW! Bone rattling!

    For music, my setup works really well - but I'm more of a minimalist when it comes to music - so the more transparent and 'natural' the sound - the more happy I am.

    Maybe that's why I'm quite happy with the PSW303 in my setup because I've got it set up to blend and give bottom to the music - but the low end does not dominate the sound. If I want to focus on the bass - it is there with depth and decent clarity. Sure, I'm the first to admit that the PSW303 is not a 'high end' sub - it is clearly a good quality budget minded sub.

    Depends on your room and your listening habits.

    And surely - try to go listen to one and as many subs as you can.

    Happy hunting,

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    Thanks Erik. I suppose my room would be considered "bright" based on the features you mentioned (the space is actually a converted garage with thin carpeting).

    One thing is for sure -- no matter which route I go it will be better than the cheapo JVC HTiB sub I got 7 years ago.

    I also started looking at the Bic H-100... which seems to get a lot of praise on here and at AVS. If anyone knows of where to get a deal on it, let me know!

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