Hello, i was wondering if i could find some help here, i have a sony amp and sony subwoofer, for about 1 and a half years now i had no problems with this combination, but lately everytime i play music, a game, a movie, the bass of the subwoofer will cut out, then it will come back in, but it never happens in the same spot or with the same song, it just happens randomely. I'm not sure if the problem is the sub or the amp. Others speakers connected to amp do not have any problems, although the subwoofer has a specified plug in. I have read places that maybe the amp gets to hot and causes this, but that cant be the case because it hapens right away when the amp is turned on.....im stuck on this problem, the warranty is done, i just need to know a good direction to go, do i ned to replace some something inside the amp??? or sub?

Thanks for your time!