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    Default Upgrade or Update?????

    I asked about updating my monitor 12s in another forum and seems most think i should update what ive got.

    I bought the monitor 12s new 17 years ago and they are still in as new cond.

    Ive read about the RDO replacement tweeters. So their easy enough.

    The crossover upgades, are they somthing you can buy as a complete item or do i need someone to build me some?

    Do you suggest adding 5 way binding posts at the same time?

    If i were to update which current model would you suggest would be a step up?
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    Me personally, I would swap the tweeters for the newer RD0's that your particular model takes. As far as the crossovers, there isn't something already done to just replace them with so if you're handy with a soldering iron, you are good to go. There are many threads in here about cap and resistor replacements and what types all of us use. There will be differing opinions on caps and it will boil down to cost for most versus the end benefits. But it is more than worthwhile as you would be hard pressed to find a better speaker out there than what you've got. Those are some beauties!
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    Very nice system! Not really any reason to upgrade unless you've just got the itch too, or there is a WAF reason to try to move to smaller speakers. Those monitors are still very good sounding speakers. You would probably need to go to the Polk LSi series to make any significant improvement. Others might argue that even then it's not really an improvement. Welcome to the forum. I've spent some time in your country, love to go back some day.
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    My 12s are in about the same condition as your. FWIW I hear nothing to indicate they need upgrading. The tweeter doesn't bother me although my high freq hearing is pretty bad.


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    Beautiful set up you have. I love that TV stand...if I could call it like that.

    You could upgrade tweeters, though the change won't be as pronounced with yours (the SL2000's show the biggest improvement, and it looks like yours have the SL3000's).
    Upgrading the crossovers with higher quality components will also give you some improvement. Lots of threads on that and it is not so difficult.
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    Dude they are beautiful, and compliment your house very well. Update with a few simple mods. If you wanted to ship the XO's here I would be more than happy to do them. You could probably find a local electronics shop to sway caps, and resistor to bring them into better than new standards.
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