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Thread: db's vs momo's

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    Default db's vs momo's

    goin for 2 10" or 12" db's "Polk Audio db1040" "Polk Audio db1240"


    2 10" momo's "Polk/MOMO MM2104"

    running off a kenwood kac8103d -500rms x1 at 2ohms

    who wins???
    im goin for sq and i listen to alot of metal and rock

    gona build a sealed box so imput on demensions would be nice.


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    Well if you throw in the DB2212, that would be my choice.

    Otherwise, Id take a pair of Momo's.
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    im looking for 2 10" subs. either the db series or the momo's
    im doing a sealed box not ported. i listen to metal and a ported box is not wat im looking for

    are the momo worth the extra money???

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    if u listen to ur music at high volumes.... thats when u usualy will notice the most diffrence with an entry level product and a higher end product.
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