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    Default There Will Be Blood

    Any thoughts on this movie. I loved it. Danial Day Lewis was fantastic. The story was facinating. I thought it did drag a little in the middle but the ending was great. It think I would have liked it more if it came in closer to 2 hours.

    Danial Day Lewis should get Best Actor for this one.
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    I saw this movie on Friday night. It was outstanding. Very well directed. It was a great story, and I was entirely zoned into it. I felt the times that it 'dragged' actually helped to focus the viewer onto the story.

    DDL was amazing. He played that character so well. I can't really say how impressive he was. Just awesome. I'll probably go see the movie again, hoping to understand the subtleties of the film.

    Very highly recommended.

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    I hadnt seen anything about this movie...when I read the title I figured it was a horror flick based on if Clinton won the election
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