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    Default Looking for a HU with all red display.

    Hey, I have a TT and the interior lights up mostly red and I'm looking for some advice on the best aftermarket head unit with an all red display. Oh yeah, it's a 1-din and I don't really need any video playback. So, with that said, what would y'all suggest?

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    I have a CD7100 which you can choose between blue, red, amber, and green, and the combination of some. It is also arguably one of the top head units around when it comes to sound. However, in ease of use I would give it a 3/5


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    Alpine CDA-9887 =)

    can be all red
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    Kenwood's head units have a switchable color feature too. Well, some of them, not all. But they usually go red, green and a few others. The red is very close to what alot of European cars have for the dash colors. The green is dead on for Fords.
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    I'd look closely at the Eclipse if you are worried about SQ and tuning ability. The 7100 and soon to be released 7200 offer good SQ and decent tuning with the ability to run fully active.

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    The older eclipse cd-5000 does all red. I guess most of the newer eclipse do.

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