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    Default Bass boost for speakers?

    So sadly my 4 channel amp refused to power up anymore. RIP

    It was an Eclipse PA5422 with a modest 85 watts, so I just installed another eclipse, this time an XA4000

    There's two things that are annoying me.

    1)At very low volumes, there is a hiss that wasn't there before. Kind of like a tape player. Could this be because the amplifier is amplifying more than the old one was? It happens with the Ipod, USB, CD, etc... So I know it's not the source.

    and 2 and the reason for this post... it has a bass boost from 32 to 64 hz up to 8dbs. Now considering that in the head unit I have the crossover for the speakers (alpine spx's) to 160 and a 6db octave slope, I suppose this would have no significance, but I'm not completely sure, can anybody correct me/inform me?

    Last questions, will this amp be good enough to handle a pair of SR6500's? I really don't want to bi amp and lose my rear channels (i know i know)


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    I don't know anything about the amp, got any specs?

    I'm not sure what you are asking about the bass boost and crossover points but if you have your crossover set from the head unit on 160 Hz on a high pass, the bass boost circuit will only affect whatever speakers, likely your sub(s), that are playing below 160 Hz.

    As for the hiss, it's likely a ground problem. Check your ground points and see if they are solid. What I like to do is where ever the screw/bolt is, I put a star washer down, then a flat washer and crank the screw/bolt down on top of that. The flat washer will push the start washer into the paint and dig in to the metal underneath and provide a solid, unmovable ground point. You might also have a ground problem on the back of the head unit and if your interconnect cables are stressed at the ends, you might be stressing the ends so much that the grounds there are going bad too. Check them all.
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