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    Default Question on the FX surrounds...

    Asked a long time ago but forgot why the rt fx dipole/bipoles have only one driver and two tweeters? Something to do with the push/pull null effect?

    Also I noticed the RM95 5-pack system have surrounds with two drivers and one tweeter. The larger systems such as my fx500i have two tweeters and one driver. While the Lsi fx have both tweeters and drivers either side?

    Wondering do other companies market thier speakers this way ?

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    bump ^

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    I have the fxi3's, and have wondered this myself. I'm not sure if it is done this way because they are supposed to be complimentary to bigger bookshelf/floorstanding speakers, or how the sound radiates between dipole/bipole mode. I would be willing to guess that you're on to something with the push/pull effect they create when in Dipole mode.
    Hope this helps :)
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