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    Question Loss of effect sounds

    I hope someone can help me with this problem. Sometimes as I`m viewing a movie, i am not experiencing sound from my left surround sound speaker and my sub-woofer. I have in the past shut the power off the receiver and then turn it back on. The surround system then works fine. This has happened to me several times. I have a Yamaha 5.1 AV receiver. I find this very frustrating,and do not know what causes it. Please help.

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    check your speaker wire connections.. or the left surround amp channel may be going kaput. swap your left and right surround speaker wires. and see if it follows the speaker or not.. the subwoofer ch doing it is very odd though.

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    definitly swap surround speaks as Danger says to troubleshoot that issue (speaker or reciever issue). for the Sub, this will sound silly, but make sure the Sub in turned on in the Yammie's menu.

    When I help friends hook up home theater stuff, it's the Yammie ecievers that bust my balls the most. There should be a subwoofer setting in the menu that allows simply for "on" and "off". if it's off, no sub at all on any format.

    simple I know, but its the first thing you should look at.....ask me how I know :o
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