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Thread: another rti10 ?

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    Default another rti10 ?

    Like a few other newbs here I bought a onkyo 604 (same as 605 without on screen setup) I realize now it was a hastey purchase. Not to say the reciever is lackluster but just that it is not something you can really build on (no pre outs)

    I have been eyeing up a pair of Monitor Audio rs8 speakers for music listening, I really like them and for 1500.00 price range they seem fantastic. The problem is I have many interests besides listening to music so 1500 is not in the budget right now. So I have been looking for something more affordable that can moved to another room in my house once I finally get the rs8. I come across some great deals on the rti10 so I do some research and I am coming to the conclusion that my 90 wpc reciever really is not enough to drive these adequately so obviously it will never do the rs8 setup justice.

    It seems like I would be better off with $500 bookshelf speakers and a $1000 reciever than $1000 speakers and a $500 reciever. Is that realistic?

    right now polk is offering a free sub with a $500 speaker purchase, would I be better off with a pair of 500 bookshelfs and a sub or the rti10 given my amp power?

    If I get the rti10 I can allways replace the reciever a year or two from now if my reciever has enough power so that the speakers don't sound horrible for the time being.

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    It sounds to me like you'd rather not have the bookshelf speakers. It's a good idea to think about the future when deciding on these things.

    If you get the bookshelf speakers, they may compliment your system better now. But then you're going to get a new receiver (which is your plan) and then you'll want to upgrade your speakers again. I think you should just save a step, money and get the speakers you really do want. Then when you upgrade your receiver finally you'll already have the speakers and they'll be like new since they'll sound so much better anyways.

    Just my opinion though both routes would work just fine. Just remember to keep the future in mind.

    Oh, by the way I did something quite similar. I bought some RTi8's even though my receiver was nowhere near good enough to power them. Then I just settled for that a while until I could afford the Onkyo 805. Now I have everything I want.

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    thanks, you are right. It just clicked in my mind that is what got me in the situation in the first place, I should have been more patient when I bought the reciever.

    I guess I better start saving my lunch money

    Any tips on how to convince my girlfriend that peanut butter and jelly sandwich and water are better than sushi and belvedere and tonic.

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