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Thread: Psw50

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    Default Psw50

    I have a PSW50, don't have any instruction or idea on how to hook it up. Can anyone give me some help?

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    Hello Jack,
    Welcome to the Forum. Does your receiver have a sub-out connection? If it does run a single shielded RCA cable from the sub-out to the right or left line in on the sub. If your receiver doesn't have a sub-out run a right and left speaker wire from the right and left speaker connections to the corresponding right and left speaker level inputs on the sub.
    Jed Lealand

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    Keep in mind the PSW50 has a fixed crossover point of 130Hz

    So, not really good to use the speaker input/outputs if you are using say something like a pair of 300 pound JBL's like these:

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