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    Question another question about blown dx 12's

    I posted a messege a couple days ago about my blown dx 12's and i had a couple other question for ya....I was told that i would probably get the GNX to replace them because they are no longer in production; my first question is how do the two models honestly compare? the second part of my question is this: i like a lot of bass so i was thinking about going with 3 or 4 subs. i have a kicker 800.4 amp, the front channel is running both sets of components at 100w rms @ 2 ohms, and the rear channel i dedicate to the subs. its 100 w rms X2 @ 4 ohms, or 400 watts briged at 4 ohms. ive been asking a couple guys i know for advice on what to do, and one guy told me that i could buy three 12's, and run two of them to each side of the amp, and the 3rd in the briged possition (wich he said would produce a 4 ohm load). so i just wanted to see what you guys thought of this idea? also, i wanted to know if it would be possible to exchange my DX's and maybe add a little money and get 3-4 GNX 12's back???

    Thanks for all your help!

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    give up the idea of wiring as you described you'll just fry the amp get two 8 ohm 12s wired in parallel i.e. use your front channels to drive your components and the rear channels briged to the subs you'll get 200 watts a sub which in the correct enclousure should be plenty for gnx 12s. good luck

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    previous poster is correct --- that way of wiring is not going to work at all... smokey

    you want head to head -- here u go...

    (the following is for the 12's)

    ISSUE GNX DX Winner?
    wRMS 175 400 DX
    wMAX 400 800 DX

    box volume 1.25 cubes 0.88 cubic DX (small box = tighter
    response in the case of
    these woofers - not in
    the case of all though)

    "grade" entry level mid grade DX (while the momo are
    "high-mid" grade, the
    DX were the medium
    between the old EX and the
    Momo -- the gnx no better
    than the old EX // they fall
    below the line of MTX 6000's
    and about the same in
    quality and sound as alpine
    type S's.

    sensitivity 93 db's 87 db's DX (less efficiency
    means you can put more
    power to the woofer and the
    woofer will not pick up every
    little scrap of extraneous
    sound the amp puts out --
    this means a "cleaner" sound.
    some will aregue that more
    efficiency is better -- in the
    case of these two
    subwoofers, it is not. look at
    the momo's efficiency -- 87
    db's. thats one of the
    reasons the DX is comparable
    in QUALITY of sound to the momo.)

    other thins is -- the GNX is not BUILT as well as the DX -- the DX's magnet is bigger and better, its motor structure is better, its base construction (cone material, cone design, surround material) are simply better (better materials, better design, better product).

    If you love bass the way you're saying, i do not think MORE woofers are the anser for you -- you're only using 200 x 2 for subs.. that's your problem.. if you only put 200 x 2 onto your two DX's that may be why the one blew (underpowering) they NEED 300+, actually 350 i have found is "ideal" for them -- i have owned 6 dX subwoofers at one time or another -- 350ish to 375 is ideal for long term playing / bassing of the DX 12's.

    I think you should stick with the DX but get a bigger amp. something that'll do 350 to 400 x 2. putting 4 GNX's in there isn't going to get you anywhere. you'll just get cone noise and other crap and the added woofers will cause you more problems than you think.

    I had two alpine type R 10's -- then i went to 4 polk DX 12's (350 - 400 rms each) and i'll tell ya... i was better off with the two 10's -- the extra woofers created a bunch of problems in the cabin of my truck -- i finally gave up on the 4 and went and got two IDmax 12's (putting 1200 rms each) and i'm in bass heaven now. I had flirted with doing two momo 12's, and had i not done the idmaxes, i think i would have done two momo's -- as they were the runner up in my opinion -- the fact that the momo, a 500 watt subwoofer, ALMOST holds up against a 1200 watt woofer is a credit to its quality.
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    well aint i just pissed off!! LOL! i typed that up all in table form, with tabs and stuff so it would line up in order like a comparison chart and it came up without spacing!!! ohh hooey! :( ... oh well -- on the ratings -- the first number is the GNX .. second the DX.. the third thing on the line is the "winner" of that particular comparison.

    sorry about the crappy spacing.
    "With your own attitude it is hard to survive here... But who gives a damn, we are here to change the world, and we dont need a password for that."
    - Anurag

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