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Thread: RTiA5 &CSi5 ?

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    Default RTiA5 &CSi5 ?

    I am wondering if this setup would be better that what I have now, and will my receiver power this setup ok? I now have 2 R50s & CS1 up front powered by a Pioneer Elite VSX82
    Also I found these for $240 for the CSi5 and $599 for the pair of RTiA5s. Is that a good deal or not? I was looking for the RTi8 But can not find them anywhere. Online not an option.

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    Not to shoot down your ideas, but have you considered buying the floorstanding Rti8s. You can try your local Frys or call around for them. Being that online isnt an option( I just read your post over), Im not really sure what to tell you, your receiver should power them fine. I would seriously consider having someone order the 8s and go for the much better deal overall. Just a thought and yes you should notice an overall improvement in detail with the upgrade.
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    Thanks for the reply. Your not shooting down ideas, the CSi5 I will be getting but that is why I asked about the mains because I was not sure if there is something better for cheaper.
    Thanks again


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