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    Talking Newest family additions

    Picked up the LS 90's today.......WOW all the comments of how nice sounding they would be are dead on....and no need for a sub plenty of bass for me.......on my 4th hour of pure listening..Steely to Traffic to Tull and now onto one of my favs Yes..
    listened to the 70's he had but these puppies are heads and shoulders above them........the best part was since one driver had a slight buzz (fixed by simply tightening the screws as they had been in storage for 10 years) he threw in for no charge a CS 350 LS all 3 for the huge amount of $225.00....
    very nice guy with a spare room full of vintage....had a pristine Yamaha RX-1070 for $75.00....a very large and heavy M&K MX90 sub for $100 and another pair of LS 70's for $150.00 and a Yamaha CDC-745 for $50.00.
    called and getting the 70's for rears or just to have some extra drivers....probably pick up the yammies not have any experince with the M&K...but that sucker had to be close to 100 pounds......back to the tunes.........aaahhhhhh "Yours Is No Disgrace "sounds delightful.......thanks again for comments on the 90's...........:D
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    Congratulations and Welcome to Club Polk
    Great sounding music is hard to come by in the days of IPODs and such.

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    Congrats! Heck of a deal you got there.

    Yeah, they don't need a sub at all for 2 channel listening.

    What are you powering them with?
    Polk LS90
    Polk CS400i
    Polk FX500i
    Outlaw LFM-1 Sub
    Polk Monitor 7C (secondary location)
    Pioneer Elite VSX-45TX
    Audiosource Amp Three (2), Amp One/A (1)
    Cambridge Audio C500 Preamp
    Sony 222ES CD/SACD
    MSB Nelson Link III DAC with P1000 Power Supply, Music Hall DAC 25.2
    Squeezebox Classic
    Sony BDP-S1000ES
    JVC DLA-HD250 Projector
    Da-Lite HCCV - 100" Permwall 16:9
    Time Warner HD Cable
    Panamax 500 DBS
    MIT, Blue Jeans, AR, Outlaw Cables
    System Showcase

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    Nov 2007
    Space City Fl


    right now a denon 3806 but will be looking for a separate amp down the road.....using the denon for 2 rooms and it another great deal I couldn't turn down.....but for the combo of HT and music it works for me right now......

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