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    Default PS3 audio quality

    Im in the market to buy a cd player. I was also thinking about buying a ps3 instead and getting a blu ray player/video game/ and media center.
    What does the music quality sound like when played from the ps3? Is it comparable to a good cd player?
    If it plays good quality music Im going with the ps3.
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    My comparison is between my denon 4800 and an onkyo multi-disc. I can say that my ears give the edge to the ps3. I bought it for the same reasons you mentioned plus I had bitten on the toshiba xa-2... great pq and sound but who knows for how long. I bought the ps3 two weeks ago and I am quite pleased with its performance and its internet network is impressive. The unit provides a lot of bang for the buck especially if your into internet gaming which I am not but my sons are.
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    Before I purchased the Ps3, I Installed it many times and tested the hell out of it. I was suprised in all it can do. the Cd playback quality VIA optical is just about Identical compared to my Pioneer Elite dv47a which is considered a very good cd player. I also compared it to units like Sony es , Denon DVM series , Cambridge Audio , Yamaha and I felt the Ps3 using it's optical out sound just as good as all of those.
    What cooler about the Ps3 and leaves all others behind it the ability to store your cd's right on the player. If you get one, get the 80g hard drive so you can store alot of music.You also have a choice of recording formats. Mp3 AAC or Atrak which is what I use at 352. It sounds exactly like the cd.

    For 499.99 if this is all it could do, I would buy it. For what it can do, it's a effin steal.
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    Word over at AVS is that CD sound quality improves noticeably over hdmi. If it's good over optical, it would be great if someone can test out the hdmi connection.

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    I will check it as soon as I get it. I ordered mine today so it should be here next week sometime.. Cant wait!

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