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    Default should college students be allowed to carry a conceled weapon on campus, just in case

    from the other thread..

    in nearby Idaho, the Idaho legislature is trying to pass a bill that would allow college students to carry a side arm.. they would have to have a conceled weapons permit of course. but the thought is that if a student was armed when a armed gunmen entered the school campus and starting shooting at other students and staff, then he could be taken out right away, thereby lessening the amount of people getting shot.

    I'm not saying this is right or wrong.. but it has both positive and negative factors associated with it.

    please don't make this a big debate on gun control... just talk about it sensibly.


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    Quote Originally Posted by danger boy View Post
    please don't make this a big debate on gun control.

    Naive today? ;)
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    Um... I have three pocket knives on me right now, and a lighter...

    I'm at school...
    Im gonna carry them no matter what the **** the school says about them!!

    I've been beat up at every school...

    Just waiting for it to happen in High School...

    It's coming, just have to wait...

    But I know that's not why you brought this up...

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    Drunk college students with guns. No thank you.
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    I'm a strong 2nd Adm and RKBA supporter. However I really worry about the maturity level of college students when put in the perspective of concealed carry and weapons. The lack of weapons training would be another factor. I would much rather see college/school police armed (as a lot of colleges don't have armed campus police) and faculty allowed to concealed carry. I view the ownership of guns, and the carry of guns for personal/family protection, as an informed choice a US citizen should have, and not as a perceived necessity for their safety. Unfortunately I have never felt the need to carry a weapon as much as I currently do based on what is going on in our society. That is a statement I hoped I would never make.
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    Keep in mind this is Idaho, not LA, NY or any other large city. it's the West. just saying.. that a lot of people, yes even college students already have guns and use them responsibly and for what they were intended for.

    personally, it would make me a little jumpy if I knew my lab partner was packing heat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhantomOG View Post
    I dunno... I have no problem with concealed weapons permits, but I think the standard of no guns allowed on campuses is a good thing. Sure, in the one in a million chance something like this happens it might be good, but for the 99.999999% of the other time, I think its most likely that a bunch of sleep deprived, stressed out, possibly hung over, college students would do more harm than good with concealed weapons allowed on campus.
    It's not easy to get a license to carry.

    You have to look at this rationally, are most beer swilling, red blooded college students really interested in killing people? No.

    If they were, no permit is going to stop them, much like the "gun free" zones didn't stop this guy or any of the other selfish loners who decided to go out in a blaze of glory. Most college students wouldn't even get a CCW permit.

    The fact is that you can't stop this stuff from happening when the shooter has already planned that once he/she is done that they're going to kill themselves. The only thing you can do is lessen the damage they're able to do before the end result. The only way you can do that is to allow responsible people to have the opportunity to carry.

    Personally, I can't stand the fact that criminals, muderers, rapists, etc....are allowed to do whatever they want while the rest of the civilized world is at the mercy of these maniacs.

    I do agree with your point that this stuff barely happens. More frequent? Sure, but I think it's the culture we live in today. We're saturated by this type of ****. I have no doubt this guy was trying to mimic the famous Chicago St. Valentines day massacre. Hell, he even concealed the shotguns in a guitar case.

    The answer to all of this is that there isn't one.

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    I'm all for it. Sure, everything has it's good and bad sides, but looking at the growing trend, you need someone armed and ready to take these nutcases out. Just look at Virginia Tech. The guy had free run of the campus as there was nobody to challenge him. By the time you call the police and they get there, dozens and dozens could already be dead.

    One day, the wonderful Maryland Socialist Republic will wake up and i'll be able to pack heat on my side.

    BTW, thanks for starting the new thread.

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    My thoughts on the current ban on campuses is that its not trying to prevent these kinds of shootouts, its to prevent other kinds of accidents. Suicide rates in colleges are higher than everywhere else. College students in general are a sleep deprived, hyper stressed, emotional and spontaneous portion of the population. Even if they are great candidates for a permit one year, the next year when their fiance dumps them, they fail to get into law school, and one of their parents die all at the same time as they are sleep deprived from taking finals, they are probably the last person on earth you want having easy access to a gun.

    Yes, this is about the government protecting people from themselves which I am generally against. However, to me, it just makes sense in this situation. I honestly believe more people would die from gunshots on campuses if there were not a ban in place. Would there be less deaths like this? Possibly, but still more deaths overall.

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    Yes, students should be allowed to carry guns. So should city workers, company workers, travelers, shoppers, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Only known criminals and those with known mental deficiencies should not be allowed to.
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