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    Default MMC6500 Magnet Diameter

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know what the diameter of the magnet on the MMC6500 mid is w/o the cup? I also need to know the thickness of the mounting flange. I'm trying to determine if these will fit into the stock door locations on a 2005 PT Cruiser wagon. Various fit guides say they should, but I'm a bit skeptical at this point. I initially bought a different speaker with a 2.8" mounting depth, I had checked various resources for mounting depth on the PT before buying those and they all said I had 3" to work with. Well, there might be 3" if the magnet is < 2 3/4" in diameter, these magnets were 3 3/4" diameter. A 13/16" spacer would allow the magnet to clear the window assembly, but that's ~1/4" too much in the other direction even with trimming the door panel as far as I can. I suppose I could consider 5250's, that would buy me another 1/8" over the 6500's in depth, but I wonder how much mid-bass I would lose?


    Are these particularly bright speakers? I don't have much of a reference, but I've read in different places that Infiniti Kappa and MB Quarts are considered pretty bright sounding, where do these compare to to those? My preference is for something something smoother rather than ultimate detail.
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    ive read in numerous posts that the polk tweaters are particularly smooth sounding.
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