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    Default Hum problem please help!

    I've got a faint hum in both speakers equally. The hum increases as I turn the volume up. I have a PS audio HB200 that all the components are plugged into coming from one outlet with nothing else plugged into it. Any ideas I could try? If the hum gets louder as I increase volume does that mean its coming from the preamp and not a power issue like a ground loop?
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    Is the hum coming through all sources or just one. CDP?
    If I get a hum issue the first thing I usually do is unplug the pre from the amp and see if the hum goes away. If it stays it's in the amp. Check the wires to see if they're touching and try a 2 prong cheater plug to see if you can eleminate the hum with it. I don't recommend using the cheater plug but there have been times when I've had to use one.
    Make sure all cables are in good condition and not touching. If it's a ground loop it can be a SOB to find at times. Just take one source (cd, tuner, tt, tape, aux,) at a time and try to eleminate the problem. Good Luck

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