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    Default need help finishing my living room system

    I have attached the working plan for my living room remodel, still in the demo stages, although I have run blue jean inwall speaker wire every thing is not fully patched yet. The configuration of living room can not change because sectional doesn't fit anywhere else. I own everything noted in picture, I need help choosing rest of gear. I also would like advice on my planned set up. My plan is to use the 4 rear surrounds for both the LCD and projector( I was able to buy Optoma HD70 new for $250 so because of deal I got and Optoma throw offset I will be using it on small floor table and ceiling mount different projector a few years from now). I would like to run L,R and C for each set up to three separate 4 pair speaker selectors then to receiver. My thinking is I could use the remaining pairs on the speaker selectors to future kitchen and outdoor speakers. Will this work? I see Monster SS-4 selectors everywhere for cheep. Has anyone used these before. The rear tc615i's are all 100 watt speakers and the Monster SS-4 handles 100 watts, for that reason I am leaning towards Onkyo 705, am I on track with that thinking? I am also leaning towards HSU VTF-2 MK 3 placed in location shown as purple cube in my sketch, would that be good match for my plan? Lastly I would like to use PS3 for Bluray, what I haven't been able to find out is I would like to use the PS3 to stream SIRIUS, stream concerts from sites like, and view concerts on sites like ATT blue room, does PS3 handle things like that OK? Please offer up any advice, its all welcomed.

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    Default lets try attachment again 85[/IMG]
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