I picked up 12 Soundstream Van Gogh Amps 4-VGA600.2 8-VGA400.2 and Two Soundstream DV10 Subs. The Van Gogh Amps (VGA600.2) are rated
4Ohm Stereo/2Ohm Stereo/4Ohm Mono
VGA600.2 / 150w X 2ch / 300w X 2ch / 600w X 1ch

Can I run Two 4Ohm Subs in Stereo???? I do not know how to get two 4Ohm subs to see the 4Ohm Bridged Mono?

The subs conected would be Alpine Type R 10" Dual Voice Coil 2Ohm+2Ohm but could get the Dual 4Ohm+4Ohm (If I went with the Dual 4+4 could I get a 4Ohm Load from both so the amp could power them in Mono?

I just want to power the two subs with one amp but not sure how to run since it will only show Mono at 4Ohms.

Thanks For the help???????