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    Default CS2 Matching the Amplifier Gain

    Ok, here's the deal. My CS2s require bi-amping. The problem is that I have SE Extreme Monos for the LF and Bel Canto S300 for the HF. The gain is all effed up. I need to balance it using the Behringer external crossover.

    Here are the directions from Clayton (the designer).

    "Hello Mike,

    Talking by phone is the best, but it is simple to do, so I will outline the procedure here:

    RULE: It is always better to lower the gain of the louder amp rather than raise the level of the quieter amp.

    Assuming the treble is softer, we will lower the bass amp level to match it. Bass channels are numbers 1 (left) and 2 (right) on right half of the front panel.
    1. Press the button under channel 1. The LCD display will show the the channel menu for channel 1.
    2. Highlight the dB value (if not already highlighted) by scrolling with the PARAMETER button.
    3. Reduce the bass amp level by rotating the data wheel counterclockwise until your reach the desired level.
    4. Channels 1& 2 are linked together, so ch 2 should move with ch 1. Check to make sure by pushing the button under ch 2.

    Amp level matching is effectively done by ear since the crossover point is in the middle of the spectrum. The human ear is very sensitive to the balance between upper and lower ranges. The level adjustment can be done while listening. When complete, press the button under the channel again to return to the main routing screen."

    My question is: Can I use an SPL meter to balance the gain? And if so how? I want to make sure my results are completely accurate. I've done this with my ears and everything sounds excellent, but I want to make sure everything is dialed in properly. Basically, I don't trust my own ears and would like to see numbers that tell me everything is matched.

    Any ideas on how to do this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SolidSqual View Post
    My CS2s require bi-amping..... I need to balance it using the Behringer external crossover.
    So these speaks are designed strictly as actives with out a passive xover?

    My question is: Can I use an SPL meter to balance the gain? And if so how?
    If you have an SPL meter and a CD with test tones you might try this.With one speaker only place the SPL meter about mid way betweem the woofer and tweeter and about 3' in front of it.Select a test tone that is closest to the speakers crossover point.

    Play the tone with only the LF amp or HF amp playing at time.Note the level then turn off that amp and turn on the amp for the other section.Both sections when played individually should be close in level.If they are not adjust the level of one so as they are.
    Then with both the LF and HF sections on ,play some test tones within octave or so above and below the crossover point and check for similarity in levels.This should get you in the ball park but let your ears be the final judge.

    PS. don't play the tones at hi levels or you risk damaging the drivers especially the tweeter.
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