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    Default In Wall Sub Recomendation

    Hi gang, I've been reading this forum for a long time and have learned a lot from the discussions here. Now I have a question. I had pretty much given up on ever having a sub or subs in my family room setup because of the room layout. Then I got thinking that in-wall subs would be a possibility. Can any one recommend a decent product? Polk offers a 10" sub it looks like that would require a major tear up of the wall, which I wouldn't mind tackling if the unit was worth it. Thanks - Chris

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    Default No Takers - eh?

    Bummer - I really thought the folks on this forum would be the most knowledgeable and have some input. I guess in wall subs just aren't used that much and maybe no one knows too much about 'em? Chris

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    Ask Reeltrouble (Ted), he's got a new HT setup with dual 200's I believe. The demos at CES and Polk HQ that I've heard with the new series of inwall / floor subs was outstanding.
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    Mitek (MTX) makes a couple that work reasonably well. Sunfire makes the Sub Rosa which is the bad a$$ of the bunch (but expensive). Elan Home Systems has the MP800S which has its own built in passive crossover. PSB has a couple...the CWS10 which has its own enclosure that goes in the wall instead of using the wall space for a cabinet (sound nice, too) and the the CWS8 which doesn't have the box. PSB also has the rack style amplifier, too, called the CWA1.

    I've dealt with/heard these in the past. They do a nice job for those who don't want to take up the floor space or just don't have the room for a cabinet style.
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    Sorry WZ, I somehow overlooked your post.

    The Polk in-wall subs are simply put: outstanding. I could not be more pleased with the response of my CSW200's. I would highly recommend getting the SWA-500 sub amp with them. Addtionally I would put in two of them since the amp can run both with no problem, it is designed to do so. Besides using two greatly reduces the chances of a null space for bass.

    OK, depending on what you are doing you can install these in either the floor, ceiling, or in-wall, yes Polk has one sub model that is a direct in-wall install that would be simplest, however, I took mine which are nine inches deep stood them on end and built a false wall around them with a cut out for the driver, works like a charm and looks awesome. The TV fits back inside the false wall for a 'stage look". You can also install the in-wall fronts in the same cavity like I did, I used the Lci-RTS system and it is in a league of its own as well.

    So how do the subs sound? Well, I had a regular amp hooked up to them at first (during Polkfest 07, unfortunately my 500 was not working) well the guys at the Fest all loved the bass in the HT, these things dig, they go through you, they hit you in the belly and make your crotch itch, get it, low bass, it can growl, you will feel your chair vibrate like it had a butt kicker. OK, so after the Fest I get the new SWA500 amp and its even better, the amp comes with EQ cards one card for each of Polks subs the moment I hooked it to the 200's it was obvious, the response was much smoother, now the bass took on a texture I was not used too, so much flatter across the entire range, what can I say I love these products.

    Just think about what you want to do, Ken Swauger and love him our departed friend Polk Paul helped me out with ideas as to how to install them for my theater, believe me their is a solution for any in-wall problem with the products Polk has put together.

    Great stuff.

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    Default Cool - thanks!

    This gives me some options to look at other than some I already knew about. Thanks again - Chris

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