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    Default Would adding this amp make a difference ?

    there is a parasound 2205 for sale locally at a very reasonable price..i am using a denon 3806 right now which is 120x7 the parasound amp is 220x5...would there be a noticeable difference..i do not have alot of experince with seperates, but would like to get a lil more power to my speakers...have 2 ls90's fronts, 2 ls50's rears and a 350ls center channel....i have listened to some amps that have a little more power but really didnt hear that much of a difference but they didnt have the power the parasound has....would the extra 100 watts do the trick...thanks in advance...have benefitted and learned much from your guys experince and advice....

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    That's a great Parasound amp and I would use it on your front stage your LS90's and run the LS350 on the Parasound. It should be a noticeable difference in performance.

    You'll need some additional RCa cables so factor that into the upgrade.

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    Around how much is it going for, I'm just wondering....

    Anyone know if the Carver m1.0t is a good 2-ch. amp if i can spend up to $300 used?

    I have a pair of LSi15s I'd like to externally amp..

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    Oh yeah the would do the trick & then some!

    I would differ from Mark & run all the speaks off of the Parasound. All speakers benefit from more power.

    Try it both ways & decide for yourself which you like best.
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