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    Default PS3 dts cd music playback

    Pleeeeeeaaaaasssseee help me!! I recently purchased a Sony Playstation 3 for Blu-ray disk playback gaming and entertainment center. Everything else is awesome. I hooked up an external 500 gig usb hard drive and have all my pictures mp3's (rarely played anymore) movie files etc. on one drive that plays through the PS3 to my home audio setup. The problem is when I try to play a dts cd. I have read extensive forums online and have changed the audio cd output frequency from the default 48kHz to 44.1/88.2/176.4 setting in the music settings area. Then, in the sound settings audio output settings area I have set sound to optical (which I am using) and unchecked all other settings. Here is where the problem is..Linear PCM 2 Ch.48kHz and Linear PCM 2 Ch. 44.1kHz are both grayed out. I need to uncheck 48kHz in order for correct signal for dts cd be sent to my receiver. I have tried every combination and nothing will highlight that box so that I can uncheck it. I have the latest firmware as well. In other forums people are saying that they can play dts cd on PS3 but all I get is the static sound of non-decoded dts. Please help.

    The setup:

    Pioneer Elite VSX-52TXi 7.1 Receiver
    Polk Audio RTiA7 Fronts
    Polk Audio CSi40 Center
    Klipsch RF-25 Surrounds
    Polk Audio RTi70 Surround backs
    Pure Acoustics RB 1150 Active Subwoofer X2 (one on each side of room)
    Hitachi 42HDS69 Plasma Screen
    Pioneer DV-400V DVD player (for divX playback)
    Pioneer Elite DV-79AVi DVD player (for sacd, dvd-audio and dts audio playback)
    Oppo HD981 DVD player (universal player)
    Sony Playstation 3 for Blu-ray and music server
    Bell ExpressVu 9200 HD-PVR Satellite Receiver
    Monster Cable speaker cables and interconnects

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    For movies you need to set your PS3 to bitstream if you're using optical. Shouldn't DTS CD be just a DTS music DVD?

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    I have optical set to bitstream. DTS music cd is different then dts dvd. It's still read at 44,100 and 16 bit. Just like redbook cd but instead contains 5.1 tracks. It needs a dts decoder. The ps3 allegedly will pass the raw data stream through but it must be at 44,100 for my receiver to be able to decode the dts. With the 48,000 box still checked (grayed out) it defaults to 48kHz and my receiver only sees and plays static. How do I uncheck the grayed out box????

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