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Thread: porsche wheel

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    Default porsche wheel

    have you seen this..

    i think i might get it... never had a wheel before (not counting the one I had for collecovision back in the day) I rent a 5 dollar game and it might end up costing me 350 bucks... but it looks sweet..
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    Wow, that's pretty awesome.

    Seems to be very similar to Logitech's G25 steering wheel. You can check it out here. It has the H-patter 6-speed along with a clutch. I think it'd be neat to be able to hold onto a Porsche steering wheel, but how sturdy is it? You can tell from the pictures that the G25 is quite stout, with the metal wheel and shifter. That Porsche shifter looks plastic - I don't like that.

    I really would be interested to see how they compare.
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    actually it's stainless steel and leather...

    reviews said it was bigger and nicer than the logitec, plus the force feedback motors are heavy duty, and the pedals are better because each one has it's own feel, the gas is light, the break is stiff and the clutch is springy..that made the difference for me. The only downside is the stick shift is not super tight to the wheel unit, just connected by those steel rods but they are that rigid...honestly, I'll probably end up making some sort of cockpit, so it doesnt matter it will be fastened tight..

    pretty neat... i ordered one, I could have a bought a cheap car... but im so into these driving games now, I assume this will make it that much nicer.
    Rti10 front, csi5, Rti6 surrounds, PSW505, B&K200.7s2, Onkyo705.

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